2017 Sewing resolutions

Here we are again. New years eve, the end of a year many consider craptastic beyond belief. For me personally this year has been a rough, but it has also been infinitely better than 2015. I enter 2017 with energy and positivity. Ready to once again be active in the lovely online sewing community, and to hopefully enjoy being a maker once again.

I don’t really do new years resolutions. The though that I can change from one day to another is somewhat naive to me. But I am a project minded person and I love clear time frames. A month is very defined, almost tangible, and that is fun. I have plans this year that I suppose could be defined as resolutions if you really want me to:

  • 1 main project each month.
    We all have our quick and easy stuff, but I tend to be a bit too impatient with the bigger things. I really want to love my makes, and I plan to do it by investing more time in some projects. For january, for instance, I intend to get through the Grainline studios Cascade duffle coat.
  • Get through my stash.
    Like any other crafter with a minimum of self respect I have built up a rather large stash of relevant materials. For the sake of both my tiny apartement and my economy I intend to actually use that stash this year. That is part of my Choice of january project, I already had heavy coating ready.
  • Be kinder to myself
    I sew pretty much all my own clothing, dammit. That in itself is pretty darn cool. Nobody else but me notice the not-perfect topstitching, or the slightly wonky side seam.

Finishing up, this TED talk takes me into the new year, and into the fourth generation Teselskap.net. Laura Vanderkam talks about how we think about spending time. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to make sewing a priority.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to make sewing a priority. Boy have I missed you, virtual sewing community. It feels good to be back!

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